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5 Ways to Improve Kids’ Brain Power


The toddlers’ brains have twice as many neural connections as that of adults. When nurtured and nourished appropriately, these neural connections would have more chances of getting wired together to improve our children’s language, physical, and cognitive skills.

Do you know activities which can nurture our children’s brains? Inspiration Station Early Learning Center has these suggestions:

  1. Balanced diet. Now that we are raising our own children, we should appreciate what our parents have repeatedly reminded us back when we were young – to eat a balanced diet. The food we eat reflects how our bodies and minds work. By consuming the right amount of nutritious foods every day, our kids’ brain function, memory and focus develop well.
  2. Music. Music is a powerful tool to improve our memory. This technique is even more effective for children because of their ability to learn at their peak. For example, if we sing funny tunes with the vocabulary words we ought to teach our children, there is a greater chance that they will retain these words. Singing songs like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” while in the car, during bath time or playtime would also be a good memory enhancer activity for the kids.
  3. Trips and tours. Going on a tour to a new place could also hone our children’s brains. During the tour, we could introduce them to the buildings or landscapes we visit and tell them a story about the place. A trip to town could be a good activity as well. When we are in town, we can tell them where the supermarket, hospital, fire station, and park area. We can tell them who works there and why is there a certain place. This technique could improve our kids’ familiarization abilities.
  4. Model good deeds. Our children often mimic what we do. Whether our actions are good or bad, they will never mind and just follow them. This is because our children believe that all our actions are appropriate. Hence, if we want our kids to develop fast learning, we should not stop them if they want to help us in the simple chores we do at home or stay with us while we read the newspaper in the morning. Daily routines, for instance, can develop our children’s working memory and retention.
  5. Appreciation. We love being appreciated and so do our children. When we constantly encourage our children to learn new things and praise them every time they achieve something, they would be motivated to always do better. For example, if our children get a star at their Day Care, we should appreciate their award by treating them to snacks or buying them a toy.

Our children will get their early formal education at a Learning Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. But we should never rely solely on these educational educations. We must continue to reinforce our kids’ learnings at home.

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