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8 Kinds of Books to Read to Your Child


Books do not only tell stories, they also help your children develop in several ways. But what kind of books should you read to them?

Inspiration Station Early Learning Center has some suggestions for you:

  • Action Books
    In action books, children are given suggestions to act out as the story progresses.
    These young kids enjoy the story as they are told to clap, dance, or stomp their feet. It also doubles as an exercise while they learn new words by associating it with gestures.
  • Alphabet Books
    One of the most basic books that can help enhance your child’s comprehension.
    Each page is filled with bright pictures made to hold their attention. It helps them associate the letter with the item that is drawn with it.
    Other types of alphabet books tell a story while maintaining the sequence of the alphabet. This will not only help your child become familiar with each letter but it will also help them recall the alphabetical order by remembering the story.
  • Folktales and Fables
    Folktales and fables are stories that are passed down for centuries. They teach a specific theme and morality in each story that will help your child widen their perspective of the world and the different existing cultures and histories.
  • Informational Books
    These aim to give answers to a child’s natural curiosity.
    Besides being well illustrated, they are also worded properly so that a small child can grasp the concept being explained.
    Some common topics may include animals, common house items or subjects that a child interacts with on a daily basis.
  • Concept Books
    The aim of these books is to introduce new ideas to children.
    They can be about any subject (such as the cycle of life or if where do babies come from). Information is taught through a fictional story with fictional characters but without it being explicit.
  • Picture Books
    One of the most favorite books by children, picture books contain bright and colorful artworks and tell short interesting stories for entertainment.
    For added effect, some picture books even come with pop up designs with movable interactive pieces!
  • Poetry and Nursery Rhymes
    Poetry helps a child enhance their vocabulary by rhyming a new word and giving it an association with one that they already know.
    It also helps them to learn about words that sound the same but have different meaning and teaches them the importance of phonology, pitch, and volume when talking.
  • Wordless Books
    Books that are void of text allow children to interpret the story on their own.
    It encourages them to develop their reasoning ability and expand their imagination. This book will help your child understand a sequence, along with causation and effect.

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