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Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Did you know that reading is not just another part of human development but it is also about improving the brain’s function? Perhaps, it is all mundane for us to witness how a child first learns how to crawl, stand, and then eventually learn how to walk. We also anticipate the next developments including their first syllable utterance, their first giggle, and eventually their first word. However, we might think that reading may just be an inevitable by-product of all these developmental processes at the end of the day.

What we do not know is that learning how to read and loving it is a life-long process. Not every child can appreciate the books that they are reading or even comprehend the most famous child’s classic tales. It is then our duty as parents to inculcate such beautiful passion for reading to our kids. Studies show that exposing our kids to picture books and other children’s books can help them develop their reading and comprehension skills. But what is even more surprising is how reading stories aloud to your kids can create a greater impact to them.

At Inspiration Station Early Learning Center, a growing Learning Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, we promote the idea of having parents spend a little time with their kids through reading.

Here are some benefits that we have gathered:

  1. It hastens the development of the brain

    In the first few years of the children’s life, it is where they can learn everything so fast and easy. Their brain is like a blank slate that can absorb anything and everything that they see and hear. Hence, exposing them to books and other educational materials while letting them enjoy their infant life will really make a great impact in their brain development.

    Moreover, if a mother has the habit of reading to her child even when he or she is still in the womb, creates a more meaningful bond between mother and child. Singing or reading out loud can help foster the brain cells to function and be active. It can also be a good influence on your child to develop their passion for reading. Mothers can play a crucial role in the development of the child’s brain and learning skills.

  2. It fosters good performance in school

    Pre-school programs are designed to keep the children from boredom and teaching them the basics of everything. They can learn and play at the same time in the pre-schools. It is also where they can first officially develop their reading skills. Not only can they improve their grades and ace in class, but they can also have better retention and performance.

    It is through reading that we can develop comprehension, analysis, and logic. It does not need to be a complicated text. What is important is that it exercises the children’s ability to process information and retain it.

  3. It improves confidence and socialization

    Reading takes us to different places. It transports us to different countries and historical times. Having adequate knowledge on the basic facts gives your children the confidence to excel in class and be good in their studies. Because it is easier to process information, they are more enthusiastic and engaged in school.

    Reading aloud to kids can improve socialization and self-confidence because of the bond that they can form with their mother. It boosts their belief that they can do it and eventually it can radiate to the people surrounding them.

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