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6 Benefits of Pretend Play in Children

That’s right, playing is not just about having fun. Playing is also learning! But how does playing pretend exactly help in a child’s development? Cultivates Imagination and creativity Playtime doesn’t always have to be with expensive toys. Children, when left to their own devices can make a toy out of almost anything. A pen, a … Continue reading

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8 Kinds of Books to Read to Your Child

Books do not only tell stories, they also help your children develop in several ways. But what kind of books should you read to them? Inspiration Station Early Learning Center has some suggestions for you: Action Books In action books, children are given suggestions to act out as the story progresses. These young kids enjoy … Continue reading

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How Can Your Child Benefit from Early Childhood Education

One of the most important things you can provide your little one is an extensive early childhood education. When your child is still young, they are soaking everything around them like a sponge. This is why it is important to put them in an environment that allows them to soak up great knowledge that will … Continue reading

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Finding a Great Day Care for Your Little Ones

It can be tricky to find an exceptional day care that can provide you with the peace of mind you need knowing that your kids are in great hands. However, through these easy tips, we can help make it a walk in the park. The Internet: The internet holds the vast collective knowledge of mankind, … Continue reading

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3 Helpful Tips to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthily

Healthy habits are learned while young. When we fail to teach our kids how to choose healthy foods during childhood, they would have a hard time ending their unhealthy food choices. On the other hand, if we start showing them which foods they should eat to build a stronger physique and sharper mind, they will … Continue reading

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