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Client Testimonials

Child Care Testimonials in Camp Hill PA

It is always a very tough decision to place your child into someone else’s care for the first time, especially since you really do not know who the people are that will be taking care of your child. After meeting Jennifer, my wife and I, really felt comfortable with her and felt that this was the correct place to place our daughter. As time has passed and we have had a chance to meet the rest of the staff we have been reassured that she is definitely in the right place.

The most important benefit has been the fact that my wife and I are able to feel comfortable with taking our daughter to an establishment where we feel completely assured with the care provided by the staff and that she is given the opportunity to take part in experiences that will help her grow each day. I believe that the staff and this program are dedicated and directed toward developing each child and making sure that they all get a chance to experience different activities that promote learning throughout the day. The PreciouStatus App gives me a look into my child’s day and shows how the staff is actively engaged in my child’s actions throughout the day.

My daughter loves that each day is different. She is always eager to see what the day’s activities bring. She has grown to really enjoy the staff members and the other children in the program. This seems to not just be a daycare but a place where learning and child development comes first. I have told all of my family and friends that we really found a great establishment to take care of our daughter.

Chris and Chasidy Panchura,
Parent of Marleigh (2), Camp Hill

We recommend this program to any parent who wants their child to learn and grow. The program has specific activities and education that they teach our child even as an infant. We feel as though our baby is in an environment that is allowing her to explore new activities and that is inspiring her to reach her full potential.

PreciouStatus benefits our family is so many ways. My husband and I receive real time updates regarding our child’s activity, which is a great way to feel connected through the day and makes us feel at ease to know she’s being well taken care of. We receive information about the bathroom, activities, naps, feedings, story time, games played and best of all, pictures! The app is also a way to communicate what is needed to be brought from home such as diapers, wipes, formula, etc.

An additional benefit that we appreciate as new parents are all of the resources we have access to, that teach us about the milestones our child is reaching and how to optimize that time period while teaching our child about the world. Inspiration Station helps us with this by providing us with a checklist that we as parents fill out. This is a great tool and something we would never have thought of on our own. The assessment allows you to have fun with your baby and try new things. We found out she was capable of much more than we realized!

Other benefits we have to mention are cleanliness and safety. I have been impressed by how serious they take these two important factors when it comes to the well-being of all the children.

Erica and Bo Dutton, Parent of
Bethany (5 months), Camp Hill

Having to return to work shortly after having my son was so much harder than I ever anticipated! We were blessed to have family babysit for a while, but that started to become a strain. The search for a great daycare was so daunting. Will they take care of him? Will they love him and make him feel welcome? Will he eat/sleep ok? Is it secure? Can we afford it? Will it provide/offer valuable tools for learning? Finding Inspiration Station ELC was an absolute godsend!

I know I probably worry too much, but I’m a parent, it’s what we do. So the peace of mind alone is worth every penny! I know that when I drop him off, he will be looked after and cared for in the most loving manner possible. While it’s hard to think anyone can take care of your child as good as you, this center will pleasantly surprise you. One of the things I love the most are the PreciouStatus updates. It’s an app for your phone where you get updates on your child throughout the day. The teacher are always reading, making new and interesting art, and letting the children play and socialize. The progress my son has mad in the short time that he’s been at the facility is absolutely AMAZING! I know I can attribute it to the dedication and loving care provided by the center. The teachers are wonderful. They always take time to go over the children’s day and address any problems or concerns I might have. If there is ever an incident I am notified and measures are taken immediately to remedy the problem. The daycare is secure with a pin number entry and is very nicely laid out. You can tell it was very thoughtfully designed with the children in mind.

Inspiration Station provides the best atmosphere for a child that a parent could ask for. As I said before, I’m so glad we stumbled across them and couldn’t imagine my son going anywhere else. I highly recommend them and appreciate the amount of energy the owner, Jennifer and her staff put in. It truly shows in the children’s happy faces when they run over to show you what they’ve made or tell you about their day. I’m sure you will find your experience just as rewarding as we have!

Bobby Jo Klinepeter,
parent of Zander (2), Mechanicsburg

When I began choosing child care for our son, I was worried about him being happy. Jacob is very well taken care of and loves going to daycare. The kids are involved in activities such as going outside, painting, coloring, or playing games. He is happy!

Caitlin Harvey,
Parent of Jacob (1), Shiremanstown

When our son Kaleb was 6 months old, I enrolled him at Inspiration Station’s family daycare. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for my son. Not only has he thrived physically, but also emotionally and socially. Jennifer has a passion for early childhood education. The daily schedule has a perfect balance of play based learning and academic learning. Jennifer follows a great curriculum and supplements this curriculum with tons of enriching activities. Kaleb enjoys going to Jennifer’s house each day.

I am truly grateful to her commitment and professionalism as a care taker and second home. It is a great feeling and peace of mind knowing he is in excellent care when I drop him off in the morning. I have never felt like my son when to daycare. I felt like he was with extended family that truly knew him and love him. I would highly recommend her services to any parent looking for high quality, excellent child care.

Maria and Billy Yaremchak
Parents of Kaleb (2), Camp Hill, PA

Katelyn loves going to Inspiration Station and adjusted very quickly to her new routine. Jennifer has been very flexible in working with a service provider for Katelyn and working with Katelyn throughout the week so she receives all the training necessary to improve her abilities.

Jade and Jonathan Ruel,
Parents of Katelyn (2), Mechanicsburg

Thank you for everything! You have helped us with Mikayla so much!

Matt and Abby Kelly,
Parents of Mikayla (5), New Cumberland

One of the best features is the peace of mind their security and precious status app gives me! I know exactly what my child is doing all day everyday with their live updates on my child’s activities, naps and so much more! Also Jennifer is beyond patient and understanding. I cannot say enough about this school!


I am so glad I made the switch to Inspiration Station! A friend of mine takes her son there and was telling me about what a great job they do. It was a hard decision to make but a decision I am glad I chose to switch her! I had her at a local daycare from the day I started back to work. It was hard to leave my little girl with strangers but she did great up until this past September. She didn’t want to go to daycare and I felt terrible dropping her off to a place she didn’t want to be. That is when I started to look around at different daycares. I remembered all the good things she said about inspiration station and gave them a call and set up a tour. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed! Then I set up a time to bring my Brooke in to see the classrooms and meet teachers and new friends, she loved it! I was so glad that the transition was easy and she LOVES GOING TO daycare again. She is 3 1/2 and knows colors, numbers (Spanish and English), ABC’s and so much more!! It is a pleasure to know that your child will enjoy her day and be loved. Thank you!

Jennifer Garner, Brooke 3 years old

I’m thankful I was able to enroll at “Inspiration Station” in Camp hill, PA. When my family and I move from Phoenix, AZ to Mechanicsburg, PA, I had two major concerns, to find a good pediatrician and good childcare facility for my daughters. Amy started in the toddler class at the beginning of 2015, she has been there for two in half years now, and I couldn’t be happier. Amy has learned so much and continues to learn more and more each day. She comes home happy and excited about her day, which is a great feeling for a working mom. To me this opportunity was and is priceless. Amy loves “Inspiration Station” and I knew that starting her out in the right place would make a world of difference. I’m very grateful for Inspiration Station. She has made some great friends there and really enjoys getting up in the morning and going there. The teachers have created a fun classroom that eases the kids in but prepares them to be in the school setting. All the teachers are wonderful with the children and makes the parents feel at ease when dropping off their kids. The director is always willing to work with me, she’s wonderful, kind, thoughtful and loving person towards all the kids. I would definitely recommend “Inspiration Station!”

Hedie Tsono, Amy 4 years old

I am extremely pleased with the staff and families at Inspiration Station. The staff treat my 4 year old as if she is family. They constantly monitor the interactions among the kids and help them find positive ways to sort through the normal challenges of toddlers. They have an excellent balance of open play and learning-through-play opportunities.
The facilities are always clean and safe. The doors are locked with a keypad for entry. Parents are good about not letting others into the facility without putting in their code.

Mary Yoke, Emily 4 years old

I couldn’t be happier with the care my daughter has received at Inspiration Station. She has been attending since she was 12 weeks old and I am regularly amazed by the skills and love they teach her. She’s now 15 months old and does a dance in her car seat when we arrive, runs down the hallway to her classroom, and greets her friends and teachers with a grin. Every day my daughter is exposed to new activities, new skills, and new cultures that I could never provide for her at home. The real-time notifications give me peace of mind while I’m at work and give me a glimpse of her day. Not only is Inspiration Station teaching my daughter, they are teaching me, an unsure new mother who had no idea her baby could do that. I wholeheartedly recommend Inspiration Station to anyone looking for child care.

Kim Howells, Samantha 15 months

My name is Ariana and I’m proud to say that I’m a teacher at Inspiration Station ELC. My two daughters are also part of this family. Jennifer gave me the opportunity to work for her and it has been three amazing years. I always felt welcome from the beginning and I will always recommend this place for your child/children. Thank you Jennifer for everything you have done to make this place better and better each year. Thank you for always being there for everybody. Thank you for being so dedicated. I hope we can keep working together for many years and I’m so proud of you!!

Ariana Apolinario, Luiana 1 year old
& Luaris 3 years old

My husband and I highly recommend Inspiration Station ELC. Prior to enrolling our son at Inspiration Station, we had toured many facilities. Upon walking into Inspiration Station, we were immediately impressed by the security and cleanliness of the center. After touring the facility and speaking with Jennifer, my husband and I were impressed.

The first day I felt comfortable dropping my son off while I returned to work. As the weeks went by, my husband and I were constantly reassured that we had made the right decision. As a parent, it is extremely hard to leave your child in the care of complete strangers; Jennifer made this very easy for us, as she has provided a wonderful educational atmosphere for our son.

In the past year and a half, we have watched him grown, develop in many ways, and have been thankful for the wonderful center Jennifer has created. Our son loves to go to daycare and has built so many wonderful relationships with the other children in his class.

Brittany Wagner, Chase 2 years old


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