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Unique Benefits

Day Care Benefits in Camp Hill

  1. Researched-Based Curriculum
    • Our curriculum develops readiness through exploration, reading and play.
    • Each age group’s curriculum provides age appropriate play and stimulating activities to engage curiosity and help children become critical thinkers.
    • Positive guidance techniques are used to develop problem-solving skills and create a community of learners.
    • A balance of teacher-directed lessons as well as student inspired activities is provided daily.
  2. Endorsed by Eco-Healthy Child Care
    • Environmentally healthy classrooms provide a safe healthier environment by reducing exposure to toxins.
      • Integrated Pest Management is a program to prevent pest infestation and uses non-toxic pesticides if necessary.
      • Improved air quality:
        • Smoke-free premise
        • No idling cars in the parking lot
        • No air fresheners
        • Greenguard Certified furniture
        • Zero VOC paint
      • Non-toxic cleaning products and art supplies are used.
      • Sanitizers and disinfectants are non-toxic and certified by the EPA.
  3. Communication through
    • Daily online communication of activities, meals, diapering and toileting.
    • Pictures and videos are uploaded periodically so that you can celebrate learning even in the smallest steps.
    • Enables us to be paperless with forms, announcements, calendars and events.
    • All information is secured and password protected.
      (If you are not internet capable, let us know and we will provide paper copies of all information.)
  4. Families as partners.
    • Families are welcomed and encouraged to actively participate throughout the day.
    • Families are encouraged to share knowledge, talents, expertise, andfamily traditions to enhance learning in variety of roles such as guest speakers and story tellers.
    • Family events are planned after hours and Parent’s Night Out is offered every other month at no additional charge.
  5. Keystone STARS Participant
    • “Keystone STARS is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support, and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs in Pennsylvania.”
    • Keystone STARS – Improving the quality through:
      • Standards
      • Training
      • Assistance
      • Resources
      • Support
  6. Outstanding Security
    • Secured doors and a keypad entrance allow only registered families to access the center.
  7. Catered “Home Cooked” Lunch
    • Catered lunch will be offered for your convenience for a nominal fee.
    • Morning and afternoon snack is provided by the center.


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